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Wellness & Spa hotel Augustinian House
Hotel Harmonie
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Hotel Vyhlídka
Hotel Pohoda
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Do you know the feeling in a hotel room when you draw back the bedspread to reveal dazzling white starched linen on high-plumped duvets? And once you snuggle into them — still a little cold at first — they become a warm nest in your new, still unknown room.  Despite the fact that Resort Luhačovice hotels differ in many ways, this is something that perhaps all hotels around the world have in common. Here, you can select from Resort Luhačovice´s range of accommodation categories. Some hotels stand on the banks of the Luhačovice Resevoir; others, are tucked away in the very centre of the spa town. Whatever the location of the Resort Luhačovice hotel you choose, you can always be sure that the staff will ensure to do their best so that you carry away the most beautiful experiences and memories from your stay in Luhačovice. Experiences that linger.


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Where to stay


Augustinian house ****s Luhačovice

The magic and glamour breathed into the Augustinian House Hotel in Luhačovice in 1904 by the architect Vladimír Fischer endures to this day in this sensitively reconstructed interior which is complemented by the state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings used in the…


Vega***s Luhačovice

The Hotel Vega is located on the green slopes below Komonec Hill. Its rooms are said to offer perhaps the most beautiful view over Luhačovice. Guests  regularly return for sports experiences, romantic weekends or holidays with children, because Hotel Vega…



Nestled in the green valley of the Olšava River, the hotel is located not far from the Spa Colonnade and the Luhačovice Reservoir. It´s natural surroundings make it an ideal site for holidays with children, as well as for sporting…

Vyhlídka Luhačovice ubytování

Vyhlídka**** Luhačovice

A beautiful family hotel, the Hotel Vyhlídka is located on the banks of the Luhačovice Reservoir. The hotel interior is designed in the famous Dušan Jurkovič style. Dušan Jurkovič was a Slovak architect who contributed to spa Luhačovice’s unique look.…


U Hráze Guest House

Guest House U Hráze can be found at the Pozlovice side of the Luhačovice Reservoir. This family guest house is ideal for a holiday with friends or with children. The rooms have  private bathrooms and can accomodate even a larger…


Pohoda**** Luhačovice

The name of this hotel “Pohoda” translates into English as “Ease/Well-being” and truly reflects the mood of this hotel. Wellness hotel Pohoda, Luhačovice is a modern, newly-renovated hotel offering a wide range of relaxation and wellness treatments, along with excellent…


Radun **** Luhačovice

Come to spend your full of experiences stay in a stylish atmosphere of our hotel! relaxing in the grass, hotel RADUN close to spring AloiskaWelcome to our new family hotel in the spa Luhačovice, which  was created by a complete…