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Get moving

If you thought that Luhačovice was a sleepy spa town, you might want to rethink that. Luhačovice is a place where you can spend an active holiday. The picturesque surroundings of Luhačovice offer more than 90 miles (150 km) of cycling and in-line skating paths, nature educational trails and world-class marked tourist paths, a reservoir with rowing and paddle boats for rent, a water park and the Pirate Bay rope-climbing centre.

Up the hill, near the Podhradí village, you can admire the ruins of the Starý Světlov Castle; a new adrenaline park is being constructed next to the hotel Vega where you can also enjoy cross-country skiing in the winter. Thanks to this, leisure time in Luhačovice does not necessarily have to be spent just hanging around medicinal springs. It can also be livened up by an ever-growing range of memorable experiences.

Resort events


Looking for an interesting event in Luhačovice? You can start with homemade specialties on Luhačovice Pork Fest,  play sports at the Cykling Trip in May, discover your child's soul back on Welcoming the holidays or enjoy a great Gastronomy on the Food Festival in August.

Sport and actitivities


In the Resort Luhačovice you can find about 150 kilometers of cycle routes, sports center, outdoor and indoor swimming, water park, bicycle and electric bikes, a climbing center, in - line paths .... choose your own sports experience.